This Kid Dresses Up Like Me

When Fin first came to my office he was making monthly trips to the hospital for severe asthma attacks.  He didn’t sleep through the night and every bug that he was exposed to turned into a life threatening crisis.

Mom was understandably skeptical.  It’s my belief that if more parents shared that same skepticism for mainstream medicine our children would be healthier but that’s a subject for a different day.  She asked me if chiropractic could “cure” asthma.  I said no.  Two minutes later she scheduled her son for a consult and examination.

If I said no, chiropractic doesn’t cure asthma, why in the world would anyone with half a brain still schedule that appointment?

Because I explained to her that our own bodies are designed to self heal and self regulate. In fact our own bodies are the only thing that can heal.  It comes from inside.  That strips any doctor, pill, or potion from claiming cures.  Without manipulating the chemical composition of the body to fit into an ever changing perceived “normal” range or removing “spare parts” in the body, chiropractic care works with optimizing the body’s natural healing ability.

The adjustment removes interference between the brain and the body, and the body works better.  Sometimes it works so well that things like asthma drastically improve or go away.  It’s a simple concept, maybe too simple.

Either way mom, got this simple idea, or maybe she just trusted me and was willing to try anything.  Regardless of reasoning, the outcome was incredible.  Fin’s trajectory in life has been changed and it’s beautiful.

The other day mom came in and told me something that many moms have told me before and that was her child was pretending to be Dr. Jami at home.  But Fin took it a step farther.  Mom pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of Fin dressed up like me.   I smiled and told her how awesome it was but I choked up inside and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  The gravity of all of it hits me.  Fin is such a special kid and now he gets to fully express that.  And I got to help.  #Blessed.

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